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Gutter and Fascia Repairs and Replacement

The foundation for a comfortable home is one where you’re not treading on water. Gutter and fascia are essential systems in your property that prevent rain or any trace of water from entering your home, causing water damage. From the roof right to the very floors, it’s essential to have a home that is protected at all costs. For most homes in Australia, the structure of the roof makes it incredibly susceptible to getting debris or any other oncoming elements from causing damage to your roof. This is where a good gutter and fascia replacement comes in.

If the gutter leaks between gutter and fascia, this means the water can’t drain, which creates problems for your home in the long term. Because of this, gutter and fascia repairs are your best option to prevent any further damage from occurring in the future. By giving your home a fascia board repair, you are taking steps to take care of your space to prevent more issues down the track.

At Contemporary Plumbing, we are the leading plumbing service in Australia with over 15 years of experience in the field. Founded by couple Dominic & Carmen, they ventured into the industry after Dominic discovered the importance of providing all-encompassing plumbing service for his clients. He can provide expertise in gutter and fascia replacements, blocked drains, bathroom and kitchen renovations, and more. With Dom’s years of experience, he is highly qualified to assist in the practical plumbing tasks in addition to the administration and project management involved. Because of this, you are guaranteed a swift and effective service with his team at your beckoned call.  Providing the finest materials, equipment, and technicians, you are promised a smooth sailing experience and a good roof over your head with Contemporary Plumbing on your side.

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Aesthetic Appeal 

Although most gutter and fascia are the most looked over in your home, they are perfect additions that either make or break your roofing system. At Contemporary Plumbing, we have a variety of options to choose from, ranging from colours, materials, and styles to help you find the right roof to call your own. We have an array of colour and design selections to choose from that’ll help you achieve the aesthetic appeal you want for your home if you wish to match or contrast your roofing. When it comes to the exterior of your home, it is just as important to maintain and upkeep as the inside. By installing our new guttering and fascias, you can guarantee that you are one step closer to your dream home.


Our fascia and gutter installers in Canberra offer materials of the highest quality and is robust, ensuring that you’ll have a good foundation for your roofing. Our contractors go above and beyond to guarantee that your roofing is up to standard. With their incredible list of experiences and qualifications, our plumbing professionals will be able to provide you with exceptional advice in terms of your fascia board repair. Providing a home that runs smoothly is our pride and passion, ensuring that the roof above your head right to the ground you walk upon is free of any sign of debris or water damage. In this way, this will prevent further issues for your home down the track.


The protection of you and your family members is the most important thing when it comes to your home. With our fascia and gutter replacement, you can keep your home safe from water or debris infiltrating your space. While it may seem like a minor issue, water damage could have detrimental effects on your home, reducing your living quality.  Our team of professional plumbers is highly qualified and fully licensed, highly capable of using their tools safely so that the whole process is swift and efficient. By getting help from fascia and gutter installers in Canberra, you will feel at ease knowing there won’t be any accidents in your way coming from the roof.

The Prime Choice
At Contemporary Plumbing, we take it to the next level to provide a more than exceptional plumbing experience. In addition to our gutter and fascia repairs, we also provide all-around services in your bathrooms and kitchens, guaranteeing the water runs smooth no matter what area of the home you’re in. With our high-quality equipment and materials, all at an affordable cost, you can assure that your home will be treated with the care it deserves.  Our experienced contractors know first and foremost how much of a hassle it is to have a flooded home. Therefore, we put our customers at the forefront of our priority list. By having Contemporary Plumbing on your side, we’ll ensure that you’ll not have a secure roof over your head but the right gutter and fascia that suits your needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today to make a booking!

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