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Leaking Taps & Toilets

Leaking Sinks, Basins, Laundries, Taps, Toilets, Showers And Baths.

Leaking taps and toilets can cause excess water bills and can be extremely annoying. Noone wants to hear that constant drip..drip..drip, or the sound of the toilet refilling in the middle of the night. Here at Contemporary Plumbing, we can have these issues sorted for you so that you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Don’t let that drip get any worse and don’t put off fixing something Contemporary Plumbing can fix today! You’ll thank yourself later!

Leaking Sinks

Does that constant drip….drip….drip….drip grind your bones?

Can you hear the hissing of the toilet in the middle of the night, even though it hasn’t been used for hours!

OR maybe you think you’re going crazy because you can hear a humming noise in your plumbing, but you can’t quite place it or figure out where the noise is coming from.

All of these problems can seem like a form of torture, especially if they are keeping you from sleeping properly at night!
Let the team at Contemporary Plumbing help you to rest easy with the following range of extensive services.

We Fix Leaking Toilets in Canberra

700 Litres… A DAY!!! That’s how much water a badly leaking toilet can waste. Have you had to turn the tap off to the toilet to stop the water wastage? Maybe you can see water constantly running into the toilet bowl, or maybe the toilet seems to have a life of its own and just fills up at seemingly random intervals. All of these things are signs that your loo is not functioning properly. If you notice these things or any other problems, we at Contemporary Plumbing are ready to get your leaking toilet sorted.

There are a variety of reasons why you might be experiencing a leaking toilet, such as issues with the flapper, float valve, water valve or drainage system. Once we arrive at the scene, we will diagnose the issue with your leaking toilet and get to work right away!

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We Stop Leaking Taps in Canberra

The average leaking tap in Canberra potentially sends 150l of water down the drain, per day! That adds up to over 1000 litres in a week! Whether your taps are gushing uncontrollably or are just drip, drip, dripping and driving you mad, Contemporary Plumbing has the know-how to get your water loss under control today. We service leaking taps in Canberra homes and replace any parts if needed, exchange old systems, or just stop the drip before it drives you mad!

If you are dealing with a leaking tap in Canberra, our team can figure out what’s causing it and solve the issue quickly. Some of the reasons you might be experiencing this issue include a corroded valve seal, worn-out washer, and loose or broken components.

Our team can assist with any kind of tap, including mixer, ¼ turn, outdoor garden, or taps with washers. It doesn’t matter if it’s the basin, bath, kitchen or laundry. If you have leaking taps in Canberra that are getting out of hand, then Contemporary Plumbing is here to get the problem solved!

We Repair Burst Pipes in Canberra

It’s no secret that Canberra can get cold! As a result, the water inside your plumbing can freeze. As the water freezes and expands, it can cause strain and damage, which leads to a lot of burst pipes in Canberra homes.

Initially, you may not notice the problem as the ice creates a plug which seals the hole. However, as the day warms up and the ice plug thaws…bang, the pipe sounds like it has exploded, and water is coming through the light fittings!! If you know where the water meter is, turn it off, NOW! Once you have the water flow under control, call our team ASAP, and we will have you sorted as a priority!

Often, however, the discovery that you have a leak is not so dramatic. It may be that the first time that you have an inkling that there is a problem is when you get an exorbitant water bill! Or maybe you think that you can hear a hissing or humming noise at your place, and you think it might be coming from your plumbing. Don’t ignore it! The noise may be caused by a leak or breakage in your plumbing.

But surely you could tell if you had a burst pipe though, right? Shouldn’t you see evidence of water pooling somewhere? Have a soggy section of lawn or water damage inside the house? Well not necessarily, from our experience it is quite common for burst pipes in Canberra to be leaking under the ground without presenting any of the signs that you would expect.

Of course, you will want to deal with these issues promptly so that you can avoid overpaying on your water bill and having a poor experience with your plumbing. It’s best to get the experts at Contemporary Plumbing to come and take a look at the issue and solve it as quickly as possible.

Call the water leak detection team at Contemporary Plumbing and let us help you resolve your plumbing issues. Our team is #1 when it comes to servicing burst pipes, leaking toilets and leaking taps in Canberra!

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